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  • Name: Turpentine
  • Number: 1005
  • Date: 2013-04-08

Product details:
This drug is a kind of volatile oil extracted through distillation or other methods from an oily gum resin which oozes from gashes cut in the bark of trees of the genus pinus (Pinaceae).

        This drug is a colorless to yellowish clear liquid with odor. With long-term storage or exposure to air, its smell will increase and its color will turn yellow gradually. It is flammable and when burning, heavy smoke will be generated.The drug can be easily soluble in ethanol, mutually soluble in trichloromethane, ethyl ether or glacial acetic acid yet insoluble in water.This drug contains no less than 70.0% α-pinene (C10H16).


        Skin irritation medicineApplied to muscle pain, joint pain and so on.

【Dosage and Administration】

        Externally applied, apply to the affected part with appropriate amount.


        Sealed and stored in a shady and cool place。

Product Standard: “Pharmacopoeia of People's Republic of China” 2010 Edition.
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