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  • Name: Belladonna Liquid Extract
  • Number: Belladonna Liquid Extract
  • Date: 2013-04-08

Product details:
This drug is a liquid extract prepared from belladonna.

        This drug is a brown liquid with slight odor.This drug contains no less than 0.70% to 0.80% (g/ml) alkaloids, based on scopolamine (C17H23NO3).


         Anticholinergic drugs for relieving smooth muscle spasms and inhibiting glandular secretion,Applied to stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, or Biliary Colic, and so on.


        Contraindicated in patients with glaucoma.

【Dosage and Administration】

         Oral administration, usual dose, 0.01 ml to 0.03 ml per time, 0.03 ml to 0.1 ml per day; maximum dose, 0.06 ml once and 0.2 ml daily.


        Sealed and stored in a shady and cool place。

Product Standard: “Pharmacopoeia of People's Republic of China” 2010 Edition.
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