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  • Name: Citronella oil
  • Number: Citronella oil
  • Date: 2013-04-08

Product details:
This product is citronella grasses Cymbopopogon Winter-uabys Jowitt fresh or semi-ground portion of the volatile oil obtained by steam distillation.

        This product is light yellow to brown clear liquid; has a specific aroma. This product is soluble in 80% ethanol. This product Lauraceae camphor (Cinnamonum CamphordeL.) Volatile oil obtained by distillation, including eucalyptol (C10H18O) not less than 30.0% (g / g).

【[Functions and Indications 】

        Used to extract process for synthesis of hydroxyl citronellal, bay leaf and mint brain. Also can be used as a pesticide, drive midge medicine and soap with spices.


        Sealed and stored in a shady and cool place.

Product Standard: WS3-B-3721-98 Seocho oil Appendix.
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