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Nanhai, Foshan City, South Africa drug culture of plant
- Culture of the soul: the development of cordial and professional integrity
[Integrity] of modern business integrity is the cornerstone of development and growth. The company guarantees to do with the banks, government administered institutions, suppliers, customers and internal staff the majority between the act in strict accordance with agreements and commitments, says it will do, Yanshou Xin Yi, not harm the public interest. Compliance with national and local governments on the pharmaceutical, perfume fragrance industry standards, business law, tax. Machinery industry to become a model drug of Central Casting noble quality brand.
[Professional] professional skills of staff training is popular, and always improve the practical skills of employees; to ensure that the corporate management of high-quality, professional complement, enhance strategic decision-making. Purchase of advanced equipment. [Development] of South Africa adhere to the drug path of sustainable development, including business, employees, social development. Ways to achieve sustainable development of enterprises, including: brand promotion, market development, technology innovation, service quality; to achieve sustainable development of the staff included: people-oriented, through reward and punishment exist, combined with training to improve staff hone innovative ideas and skills of the value of the value of innovation; social benefits of sustainable development included: the pioneering and innovative artistic beauty products, while the company's profits to tax, etc. to return to the community.
[Kind] the "drug of South Africa" into a warm family-like team managers and staff to be family members. Mutual care, mutual support, mutual cooperation and common development, everyone is responsible, highly coordinated team to provide the family-like first-class service for customers to really feel the drug of business dealings with South Africa is a pleasure, a pleasure.
Cultural Development Goals: Progress 1% per day, at your service 100%, 100% integrity, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Central to all man-made medicine of South to establish a sound corporate culture characteristics and work together, make the majority of customer supervision and guidance. Thank you!