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        Foshan nanhai longnan pharmaceutical factory, located in jiangxi fukang village, longnan economic and technological development zone land use area of about 130 mu. Pharmaceutical use current the most advanced production technology and technical equipment, the main production of methyl salicylate, aspirin, ethyl phthalate etc series products. Pharmaceutical companies are preparing to start production, after production, will form an annual output of 20000 tons of salicylic acid series of pharmaceutical products and chemical raw materials of production capacity, becoming one of the largest production base of salicylic acid.
        "Customer first, reputation first" is our service tenet. We will according to foshan nanhai NaYao factory promotion plans and in the work deployment, adhere to the "let users gratified, allows users to rest assured, user-centric" principle, the standard service program, actively carry out 24 hours a day, phone pays a return visit, service door to door service such as a variety of high quality services, in foshan nanhai NaYao factory of the broad masses of users to provide the fastest, most comprehensive, the most considerate service. A has always been the pursuit of transcendence, the pursuit of excellence brand, redefining the buick brand spirit - "to Harbin, siyuan, your costraint".
        "For the user satisfaction, responsible for the market" is the guiding ideology of our work. We will strictly according to the NaYao in foshan nanhai factory management mode, with the most specifications of reception, the most advanced equipment to provide pre-sale, sale and after-sale one-stop service.