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Nanhai Zhongnan Medicinal Chemistry Factory produces medicine and fragrance. Zhongnan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou Bonded Zone is its sales center and supplier of raw materials, acting as an important window to the outside. Since its establishment in 1988, it has been engaged in medicinal oil refined from extract of natural plants, natural fragrance, synthetic perfumes, and pharmaceutical intermediates. It currently produces medicinal essential oil and plant extracts, natural fragrances, synthetic perfumes and essences in a range of thousands of varieties. Its annual sales reached RMB 50 million. Moreover, it employs more than 50 staff, including over 30% of senior personnel.

ZhongNan Pharma

Located in the picturesque Lishui Town, Foshan, it has a floor area of over 10,000 square meters and modernized plants and world-leading production equipment. With an investment of RMB 15 million, the company, strictly following the GMP quality system issued by the State Drug Administration (SDA), has carried out its reengineering since 2001 and has built a 100,000 class purification workshop of an area of over 2,000 sq.m equipped with whole-course digitized production monitoring system. Trees and grass are planted in the factory and “the three wastes” are treated, thus higher standard of environmental requirements are reached.

“To make choice products” is the direction that the company heads towards. The company applies modern technology to the production of traditional products. Menthol was first processed in its 100,000 class purification plant around the country. Moreover, it introduced multi-functional devices for the production of plant extracts, established a new product research and development department and formed a relatively all-around product portfolio. Crossing the industries of pharmaceutical and fragrance, Zhongnan products should conform to Pharmacopoeia standards (that is CP, USP, EP, JP, etc.),

and also meet the stringent requirements of the aroma. Therefore, the company established a high-quality product detection system equipped with advanced detection and analysis equipment. At the same time, given the special requirements of essential oil, it set up a special expert team to evaluate the fragrance to ensure the superior and stable quality of its products.

Zhongnan people are united together and striving to present high-quality products at preferential prices with good service in such an increasingly competitive market. Meanwhile, Zhongnan products’ distinctive characteristics and unique business philosophy will be forged along with that.